Look back 2011-12 as we prepare for the 2012-13 season

The 2011 -2012 season was just magic !

Plenty of wind, lots of craic and with the help of various local authorities we got to hold events on some great beaches around the country.

At times we had a bit too much wind and had to stand down the buggy racing for a while but we managed over 35 miniyacht races and no one needed to get out and push during any completed race !!

The training seasions on the Saturday of each event proved very popular and these will continue for the upcoming season, so beginners are welcome.  The level of experience is growing amongst the newer pilots and they are looking to make their mark in the new season. With rumors of new pilots, kites and buggies getting prepped for the new season its going to be a good one.

The Social highlights of 2011 had to be the dodgy shirt contest, the dodgy tie contest . It culminated in 20 Irish  Wally look alikes (Wheres Wally) in a tented village at the World Championships in France in July being the life and soul of the party and having the craic while surrounded by hundreds of other bemused pilots from around the world .

So no doubt the 2012 -2013 Saturday socials will be just as good !

So if you are up for the craic, want to have fun and enjoy wind sports or would like to try them then come along …

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