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We all love the wind and trying to harness it to propel ourselves along the beach in a kite buggy or on a landyacht, its a sense of exhilaration and freedom that is hard to describe to others.

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Its a fact of life that insurance costs are continually rising for all forms of insurance. Fortunately for IPKSA the insurance costs have crept up at a lower rate than most sporting organisations or clubs have experienced, based on our enquiries. Our Officers and Directors Policy is the one which has increased most significantly over the past few years, this is the cover afforded to the Chairperson / President Vincent Clarke and all of the other committee members of IPKSA to personally protect them from any injurious claims that may arise while they voluntarily carry the responsibilities of IPKSA officer on members behalf.

When we pay our IPKSA membership we are in fact making a contribution towards the cost of insurance for all member, only paying part of the real cost and nothing goes towards sustaining or growing the IPKSA .

For Many years now IPKSA members attending our organised weekends have made a contribution towards the costs associated with our insurance. This means that those who support the gatherings ( you must hold insurance for any type of event or gathering on a beach or public space ) each year contribute the most towards the insurance cost !

Annual insurance costs per adult member in 2020 were above €160 per person whereas we have only charged €70 or £60 per person ! The balance being generated by the members who pay at weekends to support the organised weekend outings in the hope of also getting to have some competition ( their is no extra insurance cost for competitions ). The same members also give up their equipment and time to introduce people to our sports and to try generate some income towards our insurance costs. Its a model that we have discussed many times and have always agreed that its difficult to sustain. On top of insurance we have other standing annual costs for websites , hosting and equipment repair , FISLY registration etc – small but they add up. Overall about £200 pa is what the current membership needs to pay or generate per member per annum to keep as we are. Yes we have done it for many years and yes we could probably continue to try and do it too.

Remember please, we as members have a responsibility to be fully aware of all the procedures and policies of the IPKSA and to abide by them assisting others to understand them.

Please support the weekend gatherings as without them and those who support them we will have no revenue to continue to support the difference between the cost of your annual insurance and what the IPKSA committee ask members to pay.