June 29th AGM

AGM was held outdoors for the first time. This year it was on a glorious day on the Co.Meath Coastline. Many thanks to those who travelled from far and wide to attend. Members have access to the minutes.

Proposals to increase the number of race event weekends for all classes from 6 to 12 per annum. Acknowledgement of the work people put in to facilitating access to our sport to youth and families, persons with disabilities. Much time is spent providing taster sessions and while recognised as an important activity it was also recognised that as a small group we are crippled by increased insurance costs necessary to allow us continue with taster sessions.

Presently members pay less than 50% of the cost of insurance per member – balance must be fund raised. Increasing the membership fee to 100% of insurance per member cost or more would it was agreed lead to a decrease in members, thus increasing financial pressure on smaller remaining membership.