Bettystown – September 2013- Report

Well now, didn’t we have fun !

The weather Gods were on our side for the September Bettystown event with warm sunshine and Easterly winds, two things that don’t normally happen together.
The event was held with the assistance of Meath County Council and Drogheda Coastguard to whom we are very grateful. Competitors travelled from as far away as Scotland and Wales and the counties of Derry, Kildare, Antrim and Dublin amongst others. On Saturday the competitors gave over their beach time to showing the public what the sports involved, answering questions giving demonstrations and assisting beginners to experience the sports in safety.
There was a big turn out of spectators who were most complimentary and delighted to see the activity on the beach generating interest and bring visitors to the Bettystown area wishing us well and delighted to have us return. We even received a complimentary email from a local business thanking us for bringing business to them over the weekend, a nice touch from the Boyne Valley Hotel. Mums, Dads and kids were all smiles over the weekend and the serious racing got underway on the Sunday in near perfect conditions and finished off with the IPKSA members doing a litter pick of the area..
As for the racing well it was very spectacular in both the miniyacht and Kitebuggy classes with a big fleet of miniyachts giving the scorers lots of work. Speaking of scorers, a big thank you to the Letters and Rabbett families for their help. Who won ? Does it matter ? Well the competition continues to its next location which is Murvagh Beach in County Donegal Oct 19 & 20th .
Come along and join in the atmosphere and fun – usual format of training newbies etc and racing on Saturday and Sunday.